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Thirty years ago, all paints were smelly paints, so Ian West & John Ashworth spent 6 years developing the world's first odourless, organic, eco VOC-free paints & varnishes for healthy homes, nurseries, for babies health & the pregnant. Read about our story below

Global Warming

Climate positive paint - How to help combat climate change and global warming on an individual level, a personal level, by your lifestyle choices and in your home by using climate positive paint. To help stop climate change and global warming, some real-world highly useful options that are already easily do-able include solvent-free paints eg Lakeland Paints - which are free of all solvents, contain NO greenhouse gases, formaldehyde, VOC-free, Non-toxic. Surely, paint solvent – as involved in global warming and combating climate change - is a tiny concern you might think? Not at all - paint emitted 24 MILLION tons of greenhouse gases solvents into the atmosphere last year and every year - (UN/WHO EH187 et al)

- and these solvents are 20-50x worse than CO2 as greenhouse gases – which are the root causes of global warming and climate change in the first place. So - if you really want to do something to help counter global warming and combat climate change you could do a lot worse than switch to one of the VOC-Free breathable paints out there. And if you want the ultimate option it has to be Zero VOC certified climate positive Lakeland Paints. That's 0.000% VOC. Help Stop global warming and combat climate change now ! Get a Free chart today. Insulate your home with our super Insulating Paint - Anti Condensation Paint.

Our mission

To rid the world of unnecessary VOCs, greenhouse gases, Solvents & Toxins in Paint. More than 30 years ago we set out to make solvent-free natural paints because the use of solvents (VOCs) is highly polluting, affects climate change badly and is not necessary. And also because the new normal was – and still is - Low VOC, Low carbon paint – but that’s an easy thing to do - its really not difficult. One central factory supplying “contract” paint to many of the names you know – just marketed differently - the same One-Size-Fits-All paint for everyone. Paints that may be marginally better – but Low is not Zero – so why stop at LOW ? - When you can have Zero Solvents, Zero VOCs, Zero heavy metals – All Certified Zero & climate positive – made in UK by us. When we say Zero we mean 0.000%. All in 100% recyclable packaging.

Normal paints emitted 24 Million tonnes of VOCs into the atmosphere last year* – how much pollution did Lakeland emit ? Zero. Nothing. Zilch. So much so that we won Four major environmental awards and are ISO 14001 accredited. So – if you want to settle for half-best, for Low VOC - if Just OK is good enough - well, there are plenty out there selling Low VOC paints - though our customers say What are you missing out on ! -what getting rid of that last spoonful of VOCs means to a family – What 0.000% VOC feels like - to Breathe truly fresh air in your home every day – non-polluting and with a clear conscience & climate positive. Why settle for half a job – don’t go Low VOC - go Zero VOC with Lakeland 0.000%. In 372 Colours. Only at Lakeland. Made in the UK. *UN/WHO documents ehc 187 et al.

Lakeland Environmental Awards

The UK Millennium Marque
Glaxo Wellcome Responsible Business Award
Ford Conservation Award
Telegraph/Natwest Clean Technology Award

No VOCs.
No Heavy Metals.
No Solvents.
No Bad Stuff.

If you need to see any certificates - just ask -
we are always happy to send any and all of them.

Our Paint
Our Paint

Not a Low
Not a Little Bit.
Nothing. Zero.

If you need to see any certificates, please just ask we are always happy to send any and all of them

Our History

Back in 1985, all paints were smelly paints, so myself - Ian West - & John Ashworth spent 6 years developing the world's first odourless, organic, eco VOC-free paints & varnishes for healthy homes, nurseries, babies & the pregnant. Thirty years on we stay true to our promise, making the same super quality eco friendly paint at our workshop in the Lune Valley for everyone - including those with asthma, allergies, CFS and MCS. Our core customers are people looking for organic paint for a new baby, paints for children, paints for pregnant ladies & paints for asthma sufferers or those with paint allergies. If you need odourless eco paint with no VOCs, no solvents or colour matching for your baby's nursery, then Lakeland Paints are for you.

How Safe is Safe?

We have all the certificates to show No VOCs, No Solvents, No Heavy Metals – but are we willing to put our money where our mouth is ? Well, as the inventor, I am. So watch our YouTube video as I eat a tablespoon of our Matt Wallpaint. And I have done this demonstration half a dozen times or more - for Lancashire + Cumbria Trading Standards, the ASA, HSE and others. So why not ask the others to do the same ? You never know – they just might !

Lakeland –V- The Rest = read the marketing carefully and you’ll see that other brands are surprisingly unremarkable (No USP) – don’t believe us?
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