VOCs, Solvents etc * VOCs, Solvents, Heavy Metals All of our paints, varnishes etc have been independently tested for total VOC to EPA 8260c and shown to be Zero VOC = to be clear, that means 0.0% VOC. ASA/CAP inquiry 28/3/18 A17-396612

We are required by ASA/CAP to make this explanatory statement about our Zero VOC claims

"Current science can easily detect VOCs even at the edge of space or in Antarctica, so any claims ofVOC-free must be qualified; for Lakeland this means that we add No solvents, No VOCs, No glycols, and(if present at all) these are within the original raw materials and at a tiny fraction of the permissibleEU/UK levels".

As far as we know, no other company worldwide can make this claim.

All products comply with (Toys heavy metals tests) - EN71/3/95*

If you would like copies of any of our independent certificates for VOCs, Solvents, Heavy metals(EN71/3/95) or Fire Retardancy, we are happy to supply them on request.

Further Accreditations -

Zero VOC – also conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions at 14 days).

Non Toxic - Conforms to ASTMD-4236 for oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

Sustainable – Free of LBC Red List building materials - Our products are Red List Free.

LEED compliant - LEED V4 - CDPH-IAQ (California Department of Public Health).

"Natural" Paints Alert Many "Natural" paints contain Terpene VOCs, which react with ozone (all around us) - making CARCINOGENIC Class (1) formaldehyde - plus smog nanoparticles which are drawn deep into the lungs.

This was researched by the University of California, Berkeley and many others – FYI just search "terpenes ozone " on the net. Terpene VOCs are used in many EU & German paints which are sold as "natural" in the UK – if in doubt, ASK.

All Ecos-Lakeland paints & varnishes are independently certified Zero VOC.

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