VOC free Paint

Ecos Organic Paints – not just Low VOC – its Zero VOC ! invented, manufactured & supplied by Lakeland Paints in the UK – Ecos was established in 1989 and was the world’s first odourless, VOC-Free range of environmentally friendly paint in a world where Low VOC was the new benchmark. We actually set out to make Low VOC paint, (minimal VOC paint), but realised that it was actually possible to make Zero VOC paint, which incidentally, had No Smell ! Truly odorless paint – a world first ! And a leap ahead over std low VOC paint. Many different companies had been trying to make low VOC, Low odour paint (like odorless gloss paint) for years – a more environmentally friendly paint option - and now it was a reality with Ecos – zero voc environmental paint for everyone.

Environmental Paint

We went on to create another 43 different TYPES of odourless environmental VOC- Free paint over the next six years - when most brands “make-do” with 3 or 4 types of“low VOC paint” – (rather than Zero VOC ) – which is what our customers were seeking. For us, a low VOC paint was not enough – it had to be Zero VOC – and we achieved that, after years of testing in our own purpose-made laboratory, then with independent testing to show that they really were all VOC Free paints – and we are happy to send the certificates – just ask.

Not content to stop at low voc Low Odour Gloss paint – the “Holy Grail” – we now have Odorless Gloss paint, Zero VOC Eggshell, VOC Free Matt, No VOC Satin – and so on. If you need a paint with NO Smell, NO VOC, rather than minimal smell & just low VOC – then you need Ecos environmental paint from Lakeland Paints – all odourless, of course.

VOCs, Solvents etc * VOCs, Solvents, Heavy Metals All of our paints, varnishes etc have been independently tested for total VOC to EPA 8260c and shown to be Zero VOC = to be clear, that means 0.0% VOC. ASA/CAP inquiry 28/3/18 A17-396612. We are required by ASA/CAP to make this explanatory statement about our Zero VOC claims

"Current science can easily detect VOCs even at the edge of space or in Antarctica, so any claims ofVOC-free must be qualified; for Lakeland this means that we add No solvents, No VOCs, No glycols, and(if present at all) these are within the original raw materials and at a tiny fraction of the permissibleEU/UK levels".

As far as we know, no other company worldwide can make this claim.

All products comply with (Toys heavy metals tests) - EN71/3/95* If you would like copies of any of our independent certificates for VOCs, Solvents, Heavy metals(EN71/3/95) or Fire Retardancy, we are happy to supply them on request.

Further Accreditations - Zero VOC – also conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions at 14 days).

Non Toxic - Conforms to ASTMD-4236 for oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

Sustainable – Free of LBC Red List building materials - Our products are Red List Free.

LEED compliant - LEED V4 - CDPH-IAQ (California Department of Public Health).

All Ecos-Lakeland paints & varnishes are independently certified Zero VOC.