Eco Friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Paint

Q - What is it that defines an eco friendly paint in the UK ?

A – one that is quantifiably better for the environment & health than a mainstream paint.

This might well encompass factors such as VOC Free, absence of heavy metals & toxins, a truly Vegan paint and pet friendly paint – but in other parts of the world might mean different things in relation to local norms. Our non toxic floor paint is one such example – because even in the UK, where eco friendly paint is not uncommon, the use of toxic isocyanates in floor paint is still common and non toxic floor paint is not necessarily the go-to option in the UK as yet.

A fully vegan paint is essential to many vegan and vegetarian paint customers - and for gardeners, its often a non toxic paint for raised beds in their garden or allotment - nobody wants their vegetables or salad leaves growing next to toxic paint used on their raised beds for example, when non compliance with healthy norms is non acceptable. For all animal lovers, a pet friendly paint is vital – as many pets like birds & reptiles are susceptible to ingredients that are harmless to humans but highly toxic to particular pet animals – parrots being a case in point, and fish in general. A garden with a fish pond makes for a potential “perfect storm” and really needs that pet friendly paint, as run-off from rain water could well be highly toxic. Whatever defines your own opinion of an Eco friendly paint in the UK is your own choice, but a freedom from solvents, VOCs and heavy metals really is a minimum requirement, not a luxury.