Choose Lakeland

  • NO solvents - white spirit, turpentine, glycols or any *VOC's.
  • NO heavy metal - all are (Toys) EN71:3/95 compliant.
  • NO vinyl chloride, acrylic, softeners, plasticisers or fomaldehyde.
  • NO Phthalates, APEOs, Bisphenols = Cancerous hormone-mimics affecting Women, Babies and causing deformity in the Foetus and wildlife.
  • NO pesticides, herbicides or toxins.

Our History

In 1985, all paints were smelly paints, so Ian West and John Ashworth spent 6 years developing the world's first Odourless, Organic, VOC - Free paints & varnishes for healthy homes, nurseries, babies & the pregnant. Thirty years on we stay true to this promise, making the same super quality paints for everyone including those with Asthma, Allergies, CFS, MCS at our workshop in the Lune Valley. Those who are pregnant or with a new baby or children are not often central to big concerns, but for us, paints for a new baby, paints for children, paints for pregnant ladies & paints for asthma sufferers or those with paint allergy are our core customers. So, ladies, if you need Odourless paint with No VOCs, No Solvents - or Colour Matching for your baby's nursery, read on. Peintures non toxiques peinture pour bébé bébés ecologique sans COV pour bebe & bébés eco biologique

Our Products

  • So tough that it shrugs off Arizona sunshine for 6+ years!
  • So special because it contains 3x more pigment than normal!
  • So pure it has Zero VOC*, Zero Solvent, Zero heavy metals!
  • So pure that all paints & varnishes are Non Yellowing – Forever!

If you want super – breathable paints, microporous paints, MDF environmental paint or Eco Paints – all are here. Many paints on the market are neither microporous nor breathable – ALL Lakeland paints are super eco – friendly, environmental, breathable, non - yellowing & fully microporous; all are Non-Yellowing – for MDF, wood, walls, floors – you name it, we have it - in 180 Colours. Paints to counteract Asthma, Allergies – Safe for Baby & Pregnant.

Our Service

Lakeland Paints are available exclusively online for Next Day Delivery*. We also offer paint tester pots in all 180 colours plus a paint colour matching service. All paints & varnishes are Super-Breathable and Microporous. Ideal home & nursery paints during Pregnancy or for those with babies & children - No need for you or baby to vacate the nursery or any rooms at any time – paint with a clear conscience! Paint whilst pregnant!

MDF paints for cots & cupboards – eliminates MDF Formaldehyde and VOCs! No lead or other Heavy metals – all are EN71/3/95 (Toys) compliant – Harmless even if chewed & eaten! Paint fumes can actually Cause lifelong Asthma & Allergies in babies & children – why take a chance? Lakeland Paints contains NO Fumes, NO VOCs, NO Solvents.