One Coat Paint

One Coat paint details**

our Super-concentrated formulations - using 3x normal pigment levels - means that when using most types of our wallpaint, One Coat coverage is easily achievable when going over pale to mid colours with most shades of our MATT, SUPER CHALKY MATT, MARBLE MATT, COVER-UP MATT, DISTEMPER & CLAYPAINT - but this may not include the following strong vibrant colours – acid yellow, sunflower, buttercup, tango, citrica, signal, crimson, magenta, lime.

So why bother with One Coat? = Easy - because its Half the time & Half the effort !

its necessary to apply at the stated coverage x2 to equal 2 coats of paint – but this is easy because of our thick & creamy formulations

and not to spread the paint too far, keeping a wet edge at all times,

to prepare, apply & finish diligently - using the working methods as illustrated in the following clips using our supplied rollers - HAMILTON PERFECTION 9" or 12"

in particular, do not lay-off & do not stop unless at a natural divide, like a corner.