Video reviews

LakeLand Paints UK
Erica loves Ecos floor paint – so easy & no odour
How to drybrush and decorate a Staircase - Paint effects
Artist Angela Uses Ecos Paints to Seal her Artworks
Product Review of Ecos Paints 0 VOC paint and EMR paint
Kim from GetGreenBeWellcom loves ECOS Paints!
Suede use Lakeland/Ecos Paints
Bumble's new home - the pallet-chalet finished with Lakeland Shed & Fence - Red Cedar - by Yuree
Katy uses Lakeland Paints / ECOS for making custom furniture
Laura loves 3 things about Lakeland Paints
Liuba used Lakeland Paints / ECOS for her child’s room and toys
Isabel wanted to minimize chemical exposure
Brandon, a clinician, chose the least toxic option
Lakeland Paints / Ecos – the only paint to meet all my requirements
Easy to apply, Peter couldn't be happier with Lakeland Paints /ECOS
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