Harmless Paint ?

All of our products - paints, varnishes, wood stains etc are harmless, like our chemical free paint and 0 VOC paint - both dry & wet and will not (ordinarily) induce asthma, allergy or MCS. Limewash though (as with all brands) is caustic & must be handled with care. Allergies, asthma & MCS can be very problematic and this is why the use of paint without fumes – paint without chemicals – is so important. Our water based gloss paint, for instance, is also zero VOC – it is a 0 VOC paint. It is well known that MCS, asthma and allergies can be triggered by paint – paint that is not chemical free. Our No Fumes paint can be a big help in this regard and to paint without fumes is a rare delight for those new to this technology. To make any paint without chemicals is not easy and formulating our water based gloss paint - (our first No fumes paint) - took us 6yrs and involved many trials. Chemical free paint is undoubtedly the way forward and we envisage that in years to come, many brands will join us in offering paint without chemicals & no fumes, when 0 VOC paint will be the norm rather than the exception.