No VOCs.
No Heavy Metals.
No Solvents.
No Bad Stuff.

in our paint?

IngredientSource, description & uses
WaterNatural Drinking Water only – No VOC, Solvents or Glycols
Powdered clayNatural Kaolin clays (food additive & medicines also)
Powdered marbleNatural Carrara Marble
Zeolite clayNatural clay
EVA copolymer binderResin from North Sea Natural Gas (food additives also)
Acrylic copolymer binderResin from Natural Gas (food additives also)
Cellulose thickenerNatural wood cellulose (food additives also)
Clay thickenerNatural Smectite & Bentonite clays (food/feed additive also)
AntifoamNatural mineral oil/fatty soap blend
Silicone antifoamManmade (food additive, medicines & cosmetics also)
PigmentsNature-equivalent & manmade – all Toys EN71/3/95
Acrylic dispersantResin from Natural Gas (salt) - (food contact approved)
Preservative 0.006%Manmade (also in cosmetics, face cream, baby shampoo)
Titanium dioxide pigment Natural white pigment (food additive, medicines, toothpaste)

Our Paint

What’s NOT
in our paint?

All of these are NOT in our paint – we use none of them – If you’d like test certificates, just ask – we are always happy to oblige. No Heavy metals – all are Toys EN71/395 No VOCs, No Solvents – Zero – 0.000% No Formaldehyde, No Glycols, No APEOs, No Hormone mimics, No Pesticides, No Herbicides No Acrylic softeners, No Plasticisers, No Phthalates No added Isothiazolinones MI, MIT, BIT, CIT No Vinyl chloride, No Plastics, No Isocyanate, No Epoxy

What’s NOT in our paint?

No VOCs.

No Animal Products.

No Heavy Metals.

No Vinyl Chloride.

No Phthalates.


Is Lakeland Paints really as good as the brand leaders ?

NO - it is far better because Lakeland Paints is made up to the highest quality and not down to a price. Including Exterior products ? Yes - these were tested over a six year period in all major types of weather environment : Desert, Rainforest, Arctic & Temperate and performed at least as well, if not better, than the brand leaders when applied as directed.

Why use titanium dioxide instead of natural alternatives?

Firstly - it is safe, safe enough to eat. Titanium dioxide is food additive E171. Secondly - natural opacifiers are relatively poor and often need four or five coats of paint to cover properly.

Does Lakeland Paints comply with EU paint directives?

Yes, by law all containers carry the following statement “the VOC content of this product is 0.000 g/L. EU 2010 limit value for this product (cat 1b decorative) is 30g/L.