Breathable Natural & Organic Paint

Organic ?

what do we mean by this - namely that all are Free of Pesticides, Free of Herbicides & Non-Toxic to the degree that the dried paints are harmless if chewed & swallowed -- we also hold the UK Trademark of Ecos Organic Paints.

Natural? - we use natural ingredients wherever possible and/or wherever these exist - so the major components of our paints include - water, powdered limestone, powdered marble, powdered kaolin, cellulose binder, pigments, resin binders (from natural gas), bentonite clay, zeolite clay. Our resins are the same kind of ingredients as used in many foods, medicines & cosmetics – which helps to make paints that are microporous and highly breathable – like breathable wall paint and breathable masonry paint – all are made in the UK. When a paint is breathable its measured in Sd values - which are shown on the home page.

Not all paints out there are microporous – far from it – but if you need a breathable paint, like paint for listed buildings, lime plaster maybe, or lime render – then using a breathable microporous wall paint is essential for the avoidance of flaking & damp walls.

Our eco friendly wood glue and quick drying floor varnish share these same attributes, and are ideal for listed buildings as well as all of our non toxic outdoor paint. Paint for lime plaster or render is generally “more forgiving” than the average breathable masonry paint, with slight flex which also applies to our eco friendly wood glue and the quick drying floor varnish – which need to accommodate the contractions & expansions of old or listed buildings.

Though not as vital as indoors, the use of non toxic outdoor paint, free of VOCs & heavy metals, still serves the health of our customers and that of planet Earth very well. Even in a modern build, the use of eco friendly wood glue & breathable wall paint pays significant dividends, avoiding mould, damp & flaking issues - and quick drying floor varnish is a boon where a home has children or pets running around.

Natural & non toxic outdoor paint for lime plaster & render is fast becoming one of our biggest selling items as people rediscover valuable lessons from the past – like the use of lime plaster & breathable wall paint - like natural and easy distemper and super breathable claypaint.

Any questions? Please feel free to ask.

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