The best performing paint ever.

Lakeland Paints

The best performing paint ever.

Lakeland Paints

One coat paint,

Our Super-concentrated formulations - using 3x normal pigment levels 24% -v- 8% means that when using most types of wallpaint, One Coat coverage is easily achievable over pale to mid colours with STD MATT, CHALKY MATT, MARBLE MATT, COVER-UP MATT, DISTEMPER & CLAYPAINT - but may not include strong vibrant colours – like acid yellow, tango, signal red, lime etc. So why bother with One Coat? = Easy - because its Half the time & Half the effort !

APPLICATION. You need to apply at double the stated coverage - to equal 2 coats of paint – but this is easy because of our thick & creamy formulations. Do not to spread the paint too far, keep a wet edge at all times,

To prepare, apply & finish diligently - using best quality rollers - HAMILTON PERFECTION for instance, do not lay-off & do not stop unless at a natural divide, like a corner.

No sanding, no

Just Get Painting with Lakeland – No Sanding, No Priming, Easy Peasy

Sanding = is not normally needed – all of our products will key to the appropriate clean surface without the need for sanding. If the surface is oily/dusty/polished etc then a good clean with a kitchen scourer - a green Scotchbrite pad or similar - is all that is needed. Sanding is only needed where a clean surface cannot be achieved by other means.

Priming = is not normally needed - only bare woods, bare plywood, bare MDF or similar require priming with wood primer or MDF Passivator. Bare plaster is ideally primed with our Plaster Sealer or Wall Primer. Nicotine stains need to be removed by washing down. – just follow the easy instructions on the can or website PDF - all products have been optimised to be EASY – and tested over 30+ years by DIY consumers to ensure Ease of Use in every case.

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