Nursery Paint

Our Nursery Paint, like all of our paints & varnishes, is totally non toxic, free of VOCs ie 0.00% VOC – and also free of all heavy metals and all products comply with EN71/3/95 (Toys Regulations, Paint). We get asked daily – is it Safe to be Painting while pregnant or painting with a new baby ? And the answer, of course, is yes, its totally safe with Lakeland - as there are absolutely NO Fumes, NO VOCs and NO Heavy metals.

Nursery Paint

And not just our nursery paint – all are safe in a nursery - cot paint, crib paint & nursery paint – varnishes too ! You don’t need to buy a special non toxic paint for a cot or crib – because all types are safe to paint while pregnant – all the way through your pregnancy and beyond. When you need a “pregnant safe paint”, its reassuring to know that with Lakeland you cant go wrong – and in 372 colours too. So if you need to freshen up an old cot or crib, a family heirloom maybe, you don’t need to spend hours searching for a crib safe paint or a cot safe paint – because they all are. With a new baby on the way and time at a premium, painting whilst pregnant is not uncommon – it’s a normal and joyful part of the whole “nest building” instinct for any new mother-to-be.

But at this busy time you don’t need the extra hassle of hours online looking for baby safe furniture paint, crib safe or cot-safe paint – just read our Customer Reviews – on Trustpilot, Google or on our own website. And get your Free matchpots & Free Shadecards ! Yes – totally Free.

When you ask of yourself that crucial question – “is it safe to paint while pregnant” or “is it safe to be painting around a new baby” – you can just relax – because every Lakeland paint is a pregnant safe paint