Chemical Free Paint sounds a bit like "fat free butter" .....a bit too good to be true, right?

Wrong !

When we say Chemical Free Paint, what everyone needs to realise is that what we mean is Chemical-Free Harmless paint - without any toxic chemicals - to the extent that there is a video of myself adjacent eating our paint. Delicious !

If you remember any of your O Level chemistry, you'll know already that your body and everything you breathe, eat & drink - everything on Earth and in the stars is MADE of chemicals. That cheese & ham sandwich and apple in your lunchbox are Made of chemicals too - so when we say Chemical Free Paint what we mean in chemical textbook

terms is "Toxic Chemical Free Paint"...... there are no toxins, no heavy metals, no VOCs or solvents or glycols - nothing to cause you harm.

Chemical Free Paints. We are not being pedantic, just pointing out that YOU are Made of Chemicals - 100%. So you can buy & use our Chemical Free Paint in your homes and around your children with complete confidence - because there is nothing in there to cause you harm with Chemical Free Paint from Lakeland Paints.