Customer Comments

Jon Barry

Lovely paint, with no odor whatsoever, so worth the cost!

Kevin Warren

Stays WHITE, does not go YELLOW

P. Canney

Expensive but well worth it. Paints on very easily, and with excellent coverage. Absolutely no smell. The room is very fresh with a lovely ambience

nigel palmer

Did the job!


After searching for some time online to find a non-toxic paint to decorate my home, I kept coming to Lakeland and eventually ordered some test pots. You get some free which is amazing! I ordered extra as I wanted to choose a shade for multiple rooms in my home. Well, I am so impressed with the paint - No smell at all, and amazingly no splatting when applying the paint to the wall - Great coverage, I would see no need for a second coat! The colours are stunning, just perfect for my taste and I'm thrilled to have found the perfect shades. Very pleased and will be using LakeLand paints for the rest of my home as well. Highly recommend!

Yvonne Body

Perfect off white colour for period properties.

Helen Beauchamp

Good coverage, easy to use, provided a good surface for undercoat.

Hilary Vegro


Lisa Kossoff

Lovely, warm off white. Brilliant paint which gives you peace of mind and fantastic turnaround!

Genevieve Doland

I ordered the wrong colour by mistake, and actually wanted another colour similar to the one I ordered. They very kindly, sent me a tint pot (free of charge) to tint the paint I had bought to the colour I actually wanted. I’m really impressed with their service and very pleased with my floor paint. I’ve used their floor paints before, years ago, and they are still standing the test of time.

Moores Of Coleraine

Super service from Anna in Sales

Richard Healey Healey

A very pleasant company to deal with. ALL the staff were very helpful and a paint that does not smell absolute HEAVEN!

Don Grey

Great paint. Easy to apply and no smell. Far superior to other low VOC paints I have used. Will be back for more in due course.

Amanda Edwards

Completely odourless making it ideal if you usually react to oil-based gloss paint. I found it took a while to get into painting with it as it is thinner than I am used to. Finish is good, but check for drips on vertical surfaces before you wash up your brushes. It's very good not having the smell of paint in the house and the accompanying headache that I usually have

karen meadows

Amazing paint, love the colour and coverage is beyond expectation. The best paint I’ve ever used!

Sam Devine-Turner

Absolutely gorgeous paint. Goes on really nicely, looks beautiful. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because in some areas I've had to do three coats to cover up the old colour. It's so nice to have been able to paint a room and it not stink of vocs for days!!

Caroline Lewars

We are really pleased with the results of using this paint in our very damp Victorian kitchen. It applies easily with excellent coverage and seems to keep the worst effects of condensation at bay. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with similar problems.

Laraine Robathan-Field

Easy to apply. Lovely finish. No smell & no allergic reaction.

Jane Westmore

I love using Lakeland paints. Great delivery, no odour and a good selection of colours and products.

Jane Westmore

I have been using Lakeland paints for years. I have an allergy to normal paint but can use Lakeland without getting an allergic reaction. The colours and ease of application is unrivalled.

Belinda Whitworth

Lovely colours. Speedy delivery.

Chloe Hale

First time using Lakeland's clear varnish, we chose the matt finish, and it's absolutely fantastic. My dad's a furniture maker and said he wished he'd known about this years ago. Fabulous quality, zero toxic odour. We varnished oak kitchen cupboard handles which get used constantly, and they have stayed looking as good as new.

Martin Verrall

100% worth the premium price tag. Comes in an easy to open tin that can be securely closed. Used less paint than expected due to the quality I think. Barely any fumes/smell during painting or drying. Covered up some historic mould completely and surface imperfections well. Will definitely buy from Lakeland Paints again.

Martin Verrall

Extremely happy with this paint, worth the money. Comes in an easy to open tin that can be securely closed. Used less paint than expected due to the quality I think. Looks fantastic and barely any fumes/smell during painting or drying. Will definitely buy from Lakeland Paints again.

Florence Collier

Amazing paint and my go to. Goes on so easily and quickly washes off brushes and trays. No smell and I get a perfect finish, and a healthy living environment with minimal effort. Thank you Lakeland!

Carole Parsons

nice amount to make a decision on, great to have a free offer too :)

emily hill

Great to get a sample to try out.

John Connors

Perfect delivery perfect order from start to finish easy to use

Myles Whiting

Lovely paint. Easy to apply, easy to clean up! And it stays white!

Colin W Cranmer

High Quality product, provides a smooth base for the undercoat.

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