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I love lakeland paint. I suffer from m.e & decorating used to make me sick. A chance discovery of lakeland has changed all that. I use it throughout the flat. Application is gorgeous. Previously i was f&b or little greene (still got ill) & f&b was ridiculous compared to lakeland. How many coats!!! I do have a reaction to the lakeland eggshell wall paint, but its the only one so far. I hope to try air purifying & insulating paint in future. Is it a gimmick? Is the difference discernible? No idea. But ive built up enough trust with their other products to think it might be worth a punt next time round. Customer service exemplary. I love the metal rings that lock the lid in place. And 5l is equivalent to 10 . Coverage is superb. I use a brush, not a roller as directed because i can only manage a wee bit at a time & no splatter or cellulite walls due to my level of skill. It still goes on a treat. And some prices seem to have come down. Amazing. Thank you lakeland from one less sick customer


Excellent product,very happy with my purchase

Sue Hope

Fantastic products

Teresa Lane

This is a beautiful matt paint which gives perfect coverage without the smell and use of chemicals. Perfect for a child’s room.


Good quality product and easy to apply. Didn't go as far as we would have liked, which has required two purchases of 5 litres and made it quite expensive.

Rachel Stone

Lovely pale creamy colour (Yurt), perfect for my upstairs loo.

Rachel Stone

Perfect for the ceiling in my bathroom.

Rachel Stone

Great for woodwork. No complaints.

Keith Gray

Useful to help pick colours would be more useful if available in all finishes not just Matt.

Keith Gray

Great product to seal and prep walls in an old house.


Excellent undercoat, with good coverage and base for the top coat.

Trevor Wiggins

Lovely paint to use - no smell, easy application, and a beautiful finish. Yes, it isn’t cheap but lasts well. Great investment.


Easy to work with, the sample gives more than enough for decision making, dries well, no smells


Good gear better coverage than most brands. Well worth buying

Halima Abdulla

I bought this for my nephew and he's very happy with the results, so I'm going to have to buy some for myself.

Safak Aydemir

Great product. It hardly smell.

Andre Rodda

Very pleased with the hand painted chart from Lakeland Paints.This chart gives acuuracy to the real finished colours.At least you will know for sure that the colours you pick will definitely look as it does on the hand painted chart.Much more accurate than printed colour charts.Worth buying and having for future reference.Definitely would recommend.Well done Lakeland Paints.

J. Singleton

I have used alot of different brands of paint as i am a set builder for photography and i found this paint to be amazing. It goes on with good consistency, it's coverage is amazing and there is no potent odour. i can't say anything bad about it.

Matthew Evans

I thought the radiator paint was really good, I'm very pleased with the finish, it smells more than the regular paint but that's no great surprise (and smells WAY less than any non-Lakeland paint). The need for bare metal to be primed is definitely a thing - I didn't bother with it and had a couple of small (2x3mm) patches of bare metal that I figured it might be ok with, and it really struggled to adhere, having said that it still looks way better than it did!

Matthew Evans

I wrote a long review on this, but when I clicked "send review" on another paint, it wiped out the others I'd typed in... sigh. Anyway, I think it's pretty good paint, just smells a bit more (only for a few hours) and is a bit more drippy - but that's the price you pay for having something that's wipeable and moisture-resistant.

Martyn Windsor

A beautiful product to work with. It pours like yoghurt, and this particular colour, White Lily, offers a range of warmer white tones as the light changes throughout the day. It is completely odorless and provides great coverage. I have used it on lime plaster and modern gypsum plaster with a consistent finish.


Excellent service and professional response. Many thanks for assistance

Vicki Jones

Quite simply the best paint we have ever used. It covers amazingly.... With no smell and dries beautifully. My son has asthma and I bought it with his health in mind. I don't worry about VOCS in the house now. Also a huge plus for me is that the paint is cruelty free, where lots of big brand paints are not. Thank you Lakeland for creating such an amazing paint. I don't think I'll ever use anything different now.

Polly Atterbury

Lovely finish, not at all yellowish. Easy to apply, looks great.

Maggie Cannon

Wonderful paint - looks great and my decorator said it was a dream to appy.

Jane Stevens

We have had our whole house repainted in Lakeland paints of various kinds and our painter has found them excellent. The coverage is good and they seem to be hard-wearing. The mess has been kept to an absolute minimum because they have all been so easy to wash out of brushes etc. The paint itself gives a lovely soft effect and nthe colours are beautiful. I have found that the samples often look darker than the final paint but that may be due to my own inexperience and nervousness about strong colours. For anyone who feels the same I would say be bold, the larger expanse looks lighter than the sample against a pale wall. We used imperfect whilte on our ceilings in some rooms and it looks very elegant. Pink and Blue tints are beautiful pure colours and Sorrento is joyful. Mocha is lovely too, a gentle milk chocolate. The company has been excellent, quick delivery and helpful on the phone.


Great paint wonderful colours and rooms can be used on the same day.


Top paint. Thick, no smell, no VOCs

James Betts

Lakeland paints are insanely good, not only do they offer great coverage and only require 2 coats (most others require 3 or more!!) but they do not smell at all and are so easy to wash out of clothes, off the brushes and equipment and quite simply using their paints makes life so much easier. I had used other low VOC paints in the past from premium brands but they always left a paint smell present and required regular airing of the room and house! With Lakeland none of this is ever required! I will never ever use any other paints going forward!!

Clara Mitchell

Beautiful colour - like a pale sage green with a hint of blue. So so happy with the coverage and look of the paint, and you cannot beat the natural credentials - absolutely no smell or headache !! Worth every penny.

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