Customer Comments

Caroline Cormack

Lovely paint, goes on very easily and seems very natural with no odour. Looks good when it dries, very happy with it.

Karen Hostford

Lovely paint colour and applied well to the walls.

Celia Holmes-Surplus

The paint is good and my painter finds it easy to use with his sprayer. My only problem is the lack of smaller tins at a reasonable price. In one room, I want a feature wall in red, but don’t need a whole 5 lites, and begrudge paying so much for the 1 litre you offer. It would be good to buy all of my paints from the same company!!

Stefan Wundrak

Not used it yet

Alison Clarke

Excellent quality paint, so happy with this purchase, item looks so good, covers so well, highly recommend *****

Andrew Davies

Fabulous: lends a real warmth to the rooms we've used it in.

Alison Hicks

This is a very opaque deep warm blue with a low sheen finish. It needs a good slow mix before use. I used a brush and it covered well on the first coat but I did put three coats on as it is on my bathroom wood panelling. It washes off the brushes, spills and hands easily with warm soapy water. It does not smell while applying. It is by far the best paint I have used and I will be using a different colour of Feng Shui in my hall. Well worth the money.

David Morris

Sorry can’t comment on this as we’ve yet to use it but expectations high if anything is to go by based on our experience of other Lakeland paints we have used.

David Morris

We have returned to use this paint again. My wife suffers from various allergies. Standard paints irritate her respiratory system. Lakeland organic paint is great. She can now do some of the painting! It’s an excellent quality paint in terms of application. Would recommend.

Jane McKay

Really pleased with this paint and the other products, I don’t react to it like I do with other brands of paint. Its covers really well (used it this time to cover dark navy walls). Have also used some of their other products inc matt wood varnish and wood glue with no problems and no smell either. I highly recommend them and our builders very happy to use the products

Patrick Brears

Easy to apply, no VOCs, no smells, easy to clean and goes a long way. What’s not to love

Lorna Dallas-Conte

We are using this to refresh our IVAR shelving from IKEA. Wait till it dries as after two coats it has a lovely finish.

Lorna Dallas-Conte

Luxury finish to our hallway. This paint has a subtle depth compared to the regular matt wall paint which we have used in each room. We are very happy with both paints.

Helen Barker

Intense colour, (Giaconda) and of course the usual ease of application from these beautiful paints. As someone extremely sensitive to chemical smells in the home, this paint is the go to for easy breathing and peace of mind. I forget I'm even decorating!

Ariane Thompson

Beautiful paint, easily wiped, a bit pricey but worth it for kitchen and bathroom

Ariane Thompson

Great stuff, covers plaster really well, no nasty smells

Ariane Thompson

Absolutely beautiful paint, great quality, feels like the soft sheen gives extra depth to the colour- I personally prefer it to matt paint, though you don't obviously notice a sheen. As all Lakeland paints, hardly any smell and it's quite pleasant. Highly recommend

Michael Barton

On line ordering works efficiently with prompt delivery.

Theresa Goring

Colin Whitham

Gorgeous colour good covering power staff very informed and helpful


Lovely product, a pleasure to use. My 17th century cottage appreciates these very pure breathable paints.


I love Lakeland's Matchpots, they're brilliant. I usually get lots of them when trying to choose a colour. Great service too, they arrive within a day or two.

Hilary Wood

Prompt delivery. Did the job as expected.

Hilary Wood

Did the job nicely.

Sue Winstanley
16/05/2024 Voc...Great paint, outstanding customer service.

Sue Winstanley

Stunning paint, lovely colour, no VOC fabulous customer service..

Peter Dillon

This was my first use of Lakeland Paints' materials and I am very happy with the result. I had to cover up a paint colour that wasn't as anticipated and the salmon here was exactly what was needed. I could easily have got away with one coat but, having bought a 5 litres tin when only needing less than one litre, I decided to put on a second coat, partly out of the pleasure in applying the paint. On the basis of this experience i will be trying more paint from Lakeland and am happy to wholeheartedly recommend the paint.

Rosanne Hobbs

Really pleased with this, totally took away the smell of the mdf.

Richard Healey

Excellent colours

Karen Chard

I love my chocolate paint, I’ve used it on the lower half of my living room wall, radiator and skirting boards. It went on smoothly, I paint with a brush not a roller, there are no issues with it.