The Original
Eco-Friendly Paint

EST. 1989


We Have Been Selling Organic Paint Since Before Organic Was Even a Thing !

ECOS ORGANIC PAINTS - Eco Certified ISO14001 Organic - Natural - Vegan - No Sanding No Priming

VOC-Free Zero VOC Odourless & Non Toxic

All Are Super Breathable & Microporous - Quick Drying - Custom Made

No Heavy Metals – All Are Toys EN71/395 Compliant - Super Quality - No Plastics

All are Naturally Solvent Free & Non Yellowing Forever - No vinyl chloride, No Phthalates, No Acrylic softeners, No Plasticisers, No Formaldehyde, No APEOs, Glycols. No Added MI, MIT, BIT, CIT. No Pesticides No Herbicides No Toxins - All Packaging is 100% Recyclable

Its Not Just Low VOC – Its Zero VOC 0.000%

Welcome to Lakeland Paint

Our Paint


Our Paint

Discover our range and go green with every colour

Why Choose
Lakeland Paints


3X More Pigment than Other Paints and Free of ALL Solvents - 100% VOC-FREE. ALL NON-YELLOWING. FOREVER.

No bad stuff

NO vinyl chloride, acrylic softeners, plasticisers or formaldehyde

Top trending paints

Jewel colours are bang on trend right now; colours like Bikini, Atomic & Jusilusi but greens, greiges and the darker “mood” shades like charcoal greys and inky blues are still showing a real presence with fashion & interior design.


Interior matt


Interior matt


Interior matt

Teal blue

Interior matt


Interior matt

Mixing Paint in the Lakeland Paint Factory UK


No VOCs.
No Heavy Metals.
No Solvents.
No Bad Stuff.

Just natural smell free paint with all the bad stuff left out.

Our clients

Our paint is trusted by a whole host of companies from the Tate Gallery and Greenpeace to the Tour de France and Westminster Abbey.


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Why Choose
Lakeland Paints

Why buy our Ecos Organic Paint when you could be buying any brand ?

Because other paint is just Low VOC & contains smelly harmful VOCs, solvents & chemicals - only packaged differently and all made by just two or three producers with No USP – No Unique Selling Point. Super Breathable Ecos uses 3x as much pigment – 24% rather than 8% - meaning that often you can finish that job with just One Coat of our Eco Friendly non toxic paint. All are totally VOC-Free, Solvent Free and non-yellowing – Forever !

At Lakeland we devoted Six Years to developing our Odourless VOC-Free paints – so that every coat of paint is the very best it can be – not just Low VOC but VOC-Free - odourless with amazing coverage, super-easy application & zero spatter. Clean- up with just cold water. Ecos Organic Paints are free of harmful chemicals and so safe that there is a Youtube demonstration in the footer below that shows me eating this paint ! Hollywood beckons !

Buy Natural Breathable Paint - Non Toxic Paint Online - Eco Paint Online Paint Delivery UK - VOC Free - BREEAM Compliant

Our natural super - breathable eco friendly paint is not just low VOC – its VOC – Free, hand-made, non toxic, vegan and VOC free. Available for Next Day Home Delivery. We custom-make every wall paint, wood paint, varnish, claypaint , floor paint, masonry paint, nursery paint, satin & gloss paint in 372 different colours. All are non – yellowing forever ! It has never been easier to buy voc free eco paint. Our next-day online service gives you microporous, One coat odourless breathable eco paints, free of harmful chemicals - Solvent-free paints to keep the air in your home clean.

You will help to reduce climate change & global warming because normal paints emit 24 million tonnes of VOCs annually. Reduce your carbon footprint and choose a non toxic paint from Lakeland Paints. Insulating Paint - Anti- Condensation Paint. No added Isothiazolinones - MI - MIT - BIT - CIT etc = Essentially Free of Isothiazolinones. Purify the air in your home with our range of Air Purifying Paints – improves indoor air quality & Eliminates Off-Gassing.

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