Our Organic Wood Stain Varnish Colours – shown to the right here – plus Shed & Fence Colors.

Our Organic woodstain products are Odorless, Non toxic, Zero VOC & super-breathable, just like our paints. The range includes items such as environmentally friendly varnish, non toxic woodstain, non toxic floor varnish, and std non toxic varnish – Clear – in Gloss, Satin & matt versions. Our odourless varnish & organic wood stain products are super quick drying – just 1-2hrs – and super hard & washable once fully cured. This quick-drying is crucial for non toxic floor varnish, because with children & pets around, the floor can be walked on after approx one hour. There are many floor varnish products on the market which are far from odorless, far from non-toxic nor environmentally friendly - based on solvents, VOCs & isocyanates – polyurethanes – which can actually cause asthma, allergies & MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – and yet others contain carcinogenic formaldehyde – whereas Lakeland paints, varnishes & wood stains are all certified free of such chemicals. Formulating a totally non toxic varnish is not straightforward and took 6yrs – but we succeeded in producing a comprehensive range of non toxic, odourless varnishes, floor varnish, organic wood stains & shed & fence treatments – and all super environmentally friendly too !

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