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Eco Friendly Soft Sheen Breathable

Breathable Paint – Natural, Organic, Eco Friendly Soft Sheen Paint With No Smell or Fumes

Keep your walls free from damp is extremely important for both the quality of air in your home, as well as keeping humidity levels at a minimum. Using traditional paint in older homes can often cause moisture to be trapped between the wall's surface and layer of paint – causing dampness. By using Lakeland's breathable paint, however, you have access to a soft sheen paint that provides a breathable finish, preventing moisture from ruining the aesthetic of rooms.

Soft Sheen Paint From Lakeland - A Solvent and Toxin Free Solution For Your Home

We are experts in producing breathable paints that stand the test of time. And thanks to the third-party independent tests that we have commissioned, we are proud to say that our soft sheen paint contains 0.000% solvents or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), ensuring healthy respiration while you are decorating, with no need to vacate the house while it dries.