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Super Luxury Carrara Marble Matt

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- for Interior walls and ceilings.
A Super Luxury Matt - made with pure Carrara Marble – the definition of perfection & opulence in interior design.

Carrara Marble has been highly valued throughout history - prized for it's lustre, brilliance & translucency - making it the favoured material for interiors down the ages and for painters & sculptors like Leonardo & Michelangelo to modern masters like Rodin & Hepworth. Originating only in Tuscany, Carrara marble is considered to be the world's finest and has been used extensively in palaces, stately homes & many important buildings and residences around the world. Carrara marble makes excellent paint finishes, imbuing any surface with a supremely luxurious, tactile & "perfect" super-matt finish, hiding most surface imperfections and improving greatly the visual ambience of any home.

Hard-wearing & suitable for high-traffic areas like corridors & steamy areas like kitchens & bathrooms. Can be easily retouched with care. Readily washable.

coverage approx 50m/5L/coat

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The depth of colour of this paint is amazing. I have previously used the chalky matt in the same colour (alabaster) but I can really tell the difference. This paint whilst being matt seems to reflect the light. I know that it is a little expensive but the way it makes the walls look on a dark grey day like today, in my opinion it is well worth paying the additional cost for this particular paint.
This paint is like no other. It's more expensive than the regular emulsion, but when you look at the finished work, it seems as though you are looking through not at the paint! Hard to explain but when I can afford to, I make this my number one choice each time!
The paint is great to apply, good coverage and seems quite a hard robust finish. Only quibble was that the aqua was more yellow than the original colour supplied by Eco butvery quickly got used to it. It is less white with a touch of blue.
Beautiful paint. Our decorator commented on how rich the pigments are and how nice the paint is to work with. As for us we were happy that there was no chemical smell. Each time I look at the wall, I think how beautiful it is. We used this blue paint to paint one wall in the office. It looks amazing!
The quality of this paint is just what I was looking for. The finish was absolutely great. Many thanks.
Just when you think ultra Matt is as ultra as it gets - you get this.
If you have a design mind and a love of colour . There is no disappointment here.
This is a deep luxurious matt and it is simply wonderful. I think there is nothing like it in the market. In the past I used the "super chalky matt" when Lakeland was Ecopaints, and now that I have found myself re-decorating I am very pleased to have discovered this new range with Carrara marble. It is absolutely lush and fantastic. It does need two good coats but the result is deep and saturated, with a great pigment intensity. I have chosen the Buttercup and Lime colours for two different rooms - with two coats of white primer first they look absolutely fantastic.
I simply adore this paint. I used it over a mix of brand new walls and very old rough walls. It is so beautifully matt (without being chalky) that appears to absorb all of the lumps and bumps. It is a perfect snow white with no grey or yellow hue and has NO smell! Yes, it is more pricey than conventional paints but the two cannot be compared.
I have used this paint in my sitting room and also bedroom. I hadn't intended using it in the bedroom but I love the look as it seems you're looking 'through' the paint instead of at a painted wall, giving a much softer appearance. It's also extremely hard wearing. The finish feels 'rougher' than ordinary emulsion paint but any marks are so easy to remove. As with all the lakeland paints there is no smell.
Beautiful, rich colour and very easy to paint with.
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