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white and 372 colours.

an Ultra-Matt, chalky, non-dusting wipeable resin-bound Distemper for Interior Walls & Ceilings. Traditionally made, using powdered marble. Normally for use on dry plaster, lime, or plasterboard, but can also be used on most previously painted surfaces - a test area is advisable. Super-breathability allows the passage of moisture back & forth without hindrance so that the fabric of the building can both dry out or absorb the normal moisture found in a living home without causing flaking or other associated problems: Minimises condensation. Can be diluted with not more than 10% water if needed.
Coverage approx 50/m2/5L per coat (normally 2 coats - med pile roller or brush).
*Non-resoluble - can be overcoated with any normal type of paint.

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