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Eco Blackboard Paint

Chalk Board Paint – A Natural Eco-Friendly Way To Turn Walls Into Blackboards

Fully washable once dry, our chalk board paint is the optimal way to turn any surface around the home into a chalk writing surface, making it perfect for recipe notes in the kitchen as well as an artistic surface for kid's bedrooms. Moreover, our black board paint is completely safe for use around children, having been subject to the EU regulation EN71:3, meaning that even if ingested, it will not do any harm.

Blackboard Paint – A Chalkboard Wall Paint Free From Solvents & VOCs

This chalk board paint creates a super-matt, super-resilient finish that can be used as a blackboard over and over again without issue. Even better is that Lakeland Paint's entire range is completely free from the unpleasant solvents and volatile organic compounds found in normal paints that can often cause headaches and nausea when they are drying – a nightmare if the house being decorated is occupied at the time