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Anti-Mould Paint

Anti Mould Paint – Natural Mould Resistant Paint That Is Eco-Friendly & Organic

In certain rooms of the house, such as kitchens and bathrooms there are be a much high humidity level due to the amount of water and steam in the air from taps, kettles, showers and similar appliances. It is therefore a great idea to find an anti mould paint that will resist the growth of mould – regardless of humidity levels.

Mould Resistant Paint By Lakeland – Free From Solvents and VOCs

Certain kinds of mould such as black mould can cause respiratory illnesses over time, and so ensuring that they can not grow in your home is very important. Even more impressive is that unlike many of our competitor's products, All anti mould paints are free from the solvents and volatile organic compounds that often make people feel ill while they are drying – so perfect for use in an occupied house.