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Atmosphere Purifying Paint

The amount of air pollutants & offgassing in the home can be staggering. From aerosols, cleaning products and grooming products, to carpets, furnishing and paints – solvents and chemicals such as formaldehyde will be off-gassing and can hang in the air, potentially harming those inside. While you can open a window, those who live in a busy city are likely to be letting even more pollutants in. That is why you need an air purifying paint that is non-toxic, organic and 100% safe to use around your family. Eliminates Off-gassing and Off-gushing from other sources within the home.

Our air purifying paint uses Air-Pure technology to work as a molecular sieve, absorbing the air-borne pollutants that gush from many products in your home by incorporating an anti - gush zeolite air filter into its formula. Based on a redecoration schedule of five years, this paint will continue to clean the air in your home all day with no maintenance necessary. Available in 372 colours and a coverage area of up to 60m2 per 5 litre/per coat, this air purifying paint is also excellent at absorbing smells caused by smoking.

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