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All-Natural Eco Sugar-Soap 1 litre

Made from natural corn syrup and coconut oil.

Super-effective - Super-concentrated - Super-foaming Preservative-free and monitored for freedom from pesticides & herbicides. Contains No phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, silicates, fragrance, perfume, APEOs, synthetic detergents, soaps, SLS, animal products, hormone disruptors, etc. Non-animal-tested. Non-toxic.

Primarily intended as an alternative to sugar-soap, this product can also be used for dishwashing, floors, washing the car & many, many other uses about the home. Super- Economical in the long-term, as just a few drops is all it takes for dishwashing & the product will last many months & many times longer than conventional detergents as it is Super-Concentrated & contains No thickeners.

Health & Safety:

Avoid contact with the skin and eyes - wash off splashes with water. Keep out of the reach of children.

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