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MDF Passivator Primer Paint

Ecos MDF Primer paint is for use on interior M.D.F. chipboard and plywood.

M.D.F and other manufactured boards can outgas formaldehyde* and other VOC's into the indoor atmosphere for many months or years. The special silicate ingredients in ECOS M.D.F. Passivating primer paint absorbs and permanently neutralizes approx. 99% formaldehyde* and other VOC's down to around one part per million before it can escape into the atmosphere (Gas chromatographic data).

This white matt primer paint can be over coated with ECOS satin paint or Feng Shui paint finishes.

The Coverage is approx. 12M²\L per coat. 1 litre pack. *Formaldehyde is a carcinogen with mutagenic effects (causes birth defects).