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Eco Friendly Floor Paint

Wood Floor Paint – Natural Anti Slip Paint For Wood That Is Eco-Friendly

Our wood floor paint has a variety of uses but is perfect for floor surfaces where it's important to make sure that nobody walking on it slips and injures themselves. This floorboard paint is not only washable for the sake of easy cleaning, but can also be used as a floor paint for bare concrete interior floors, lino, linoleum, marmoleum and most other types of vinyl flooring.

Wood Floor Paint – Organic, Solvent & VOC Free

If you have ever painted floors before using traditional paint, you may be aware that after a while you begin to feel a little sick or develop a headache. This is due to the inclusion of multiple volatile organic compounds and solvents used in the production process. At Lakeland, our entire range is completely free from such chemicals, meaning that there is no health risk to anyone going about their business in the same home.