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Eco Friendly Undercoat

Wood Undercoat Paint – E Natural, Eco-Friendly, Safe & Organic

If you're planning to use a lighter colour as a finish on primed wood, it's always necessary to apply undercoat paint for wood to ensure that the final shade is achieved. Our wood undercoat paint can also be used on previously painted metal, but unlike many traditional paints our undercoat paint is both environmentally friendly and organic.

Lakeland Undercoat Paint For Wood – Free From Odour, VOCs & Solvents

When you are applying wood undercoat paint, those will experience will tell you that unless a space is extremely well ventilated, its odour can cause it to make some people feel more than a little ill due to the solvents in the formula. Luckily, with Lakeland Paints, our entire range is free from solvents, as well as volatile organic compounds.