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Satinwood Paint – A Natural, Eco-Friendly Paint For Wood & Ferrous Metals

Satinwood paint is an extremely finish to apply to many surfaces in the home including doors, door frames and skirting boards. Unlike the styles of satin gloss paint you are likely to buy from other manufacturers, here at Lakeland Paints we go above and beyond to create a premium satinwood paint that is not only environmentally friendly, but free from unwanted chemicals.

Satin Gloss Paint For Wood & Ferrous Metals – Completely Solvent & VOC Free

Traditionally, there are a number of chemicals in paints that can often cause those decorating, or those who live in the property to feel nauseas or suffer from headaches as a result of the fumes expelled by the solvents as the paint dries. At Lakeland, we use independent tests to ensure that our entire range of paints are 100% free of both solvents and volatile organic compounds.