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Gloss Paint For Wood & Ferrous Metals – A Natural, Eco-Friendly & Organic Paint

Getting the right gloss finish on a wooden or metal surface can take effort, but with the Lakeland gloss paint for wood and metals, you can be sure of a perfect finish every time. At Lakeland, we pride ourselves in producing not only the best quality paint, but one that is both organic and eco-friendly helping us to do our bit for the planet.

Lakeland Gloss Paint For Wood & Metal – Free From Solvents & VOC

We are proud to offer the only range of paints for wood and ferrous metals in the world which are independently tested to have both a solvent, and volatile organic compound content of 0.000% - making it extremely safe to use, and prevents any risk of the headaches and nausea that many are used to when they usually decorate, meaning that everyone in the home can carry on as normal.