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Feng Shui Multi-Surface Eggshell Interior

FENG SHUI - One Tin Does It All ! - Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Woodwork, Melamine, MDF, Metal, Radiators etc

Eggshell-type Multi-surface super-washable paint. (not worktops)

ECOS Feng Shui is a multi-surface coating for walls and woodwork which lends a uniquely harmonious feel to the home. ECOS Feng Shui allows one to bring together and so harmonize the wall areas and woodwork surfaces, giving a discernible calming and unified appearance to a room.

The smooth, shell like surface of ECOS Feng Shui suffuses light gently, further enhancing this effect.

ECOS Feng Shui is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and can be used on melamine surfaces (but not work-tops). Note: not suited to direct application on lining paper - a pre-coat of ECOS soft sheen is necessary. Bare hard woods - ask for advice.

COLOURS - Available in all of our 372 shades. Avoid wetting & scuffing for 10 days

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