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Gloss Floor Paint

The use of a high-quality gloss floor paint can bring a certain elegance to rooms which feel a little flat. Useable on both interior wooden floors and dry concrete floors, our organic and non-toxic gloss floor paint is a cost-effective way of breathing some fresh life into old floorboards and dull grey concrete flooring - and it is available in any one of our 180 Lakeland colours.

Try Lakeland Gloss Floor Paint, Free From VOCs & Solvents

Lakeland paints is committed to providing gloss floor paint that is free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and solvents, meaning that it is totally safe for use around the family – including children. Even better news is that because there are no solvents, there are no fumes, so you can say goodbye to those feelings of nausea you may have experienced in the past with other gloss floor paint brands.