Declaration of Ingredients Declaration of Ingredients of Lakeland Paints

Ingredient Source, description & uses Water Natural Drinking Water only – No VOC, Solvents or Glycols powdered clay Natural Kaolin clays (food additive & medicines also) powdered marble Natural Carrara Marble zeolite clay Natural clay EVA copolymer binder Resin from North Sea Natural Gas (food additives also) Acrylic copolymer binder Resin from Natural Gas (food additives also) cellulose thickener Natural wood cellulose (food additives also) clay thickener Natural Smectite & Bentonite clays (food/feed additive also) antifoam Natural mineral oil/fatty soap blend silicone antifoam Manmade (food additive, medicines & cosmetics also) pigments Nature-equivalent & manmade – all Toys EN71/3/95 acrylic dispersant Resin from Natural Gas (salt) - (food contact approved) preservative 0.00006% Manmade (also in cosmetics, face cream, baby shampoo) titanium dioxide pigment Natural white pigment (food additive, medicines, toothpaste)