7 Reasons why you should switch to natural paint


2022-03-01 00:00

When many of the treatments and paints we know today were originally conceived, the original formulas often contained ingredients that would easily make the HSE shudder. As time passed, the recipes were often improved upon in order to make them less toxic to those who used them on a daily basis and less harmful to the environment.

Today, we are lucky enough to have access to organic natural paint – and thanks to the world's increasing focus on climate change and conservation efforts, the popularity of natural paint has exploded. But what are the benefits?

In this blog we're going to look at 7 reasons why you should switch to natural paint.

  1. With over 10,000 chemicals in the production of paint worldwide, unless you are dealing with reputable manufacturers it can be hard to know exactly what you are getting. The most common chemicals in paint are VOCs – or non-volatile compounds – and many of these are known to be carcinogenic. While some natural paint brands do contain VOCS – Lakeland's natural paint, on the other hand, contains zero VOCs.

  2. As a result of having zero VOCs and zero solvents, our natural paint does not produce fumes when it dries, and can therefore be used in non-ventilated areas without causing nausea or headaches. This also means that it is healthier for your lungs.

  3. Our natural paint lowers the risk of premature strokes or cancer substantially when compared to standard paint thanks to being free of emissions.

  4. Our natural paint is available in all the same colours as regular paint and can also be colour matched. While there is a variance in quality between cheaper brands and more expensive brands of either style, a high-quality natural paint will be every bit as effective as regular paint.

  5. Our natural paint will not harm the environment in any way as all its ingredients are organic. So, even if some is spilled, it will not cause any groundwater contamination that could affect vegetation. Certain other brands of natural paint still produce fumes and often leaves customers disappointed. With Lakeland Paints, however, there are no fumes and therefore no potentially harmful gasses are being emitted, helping to fight against global warming.

  6. Unlike traditional paints, natural paint is easy to clean off your brushes and rollers with just soap and water, negating the need for another solvent such as white spirit or turpentine.

With everyone doing their bit to help save the planet and reach carbon neutral status, by using natural paint you can be sure that you are contributing to a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process; looking after the health of the ones you love; and getting that perfect finish on every surface of your home.

At Lakeland Paints, we've been producing the world's first entirely natural paint for over 30 years from our factory in the Lune Valley. If you would like to know more about the different styles of paints and treatments as well as our 372 different colours, why not order some test-pots today?