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Eco-Friendly Insulating Matt Paint

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Future-Proof your home – with Lakeland Insulating interior wall paint matt.

5 litre Anti Condensation Insulating Paint - 372 shades.

Climate Change causes a disruption of our weather patterns - and in the UK – which is at the confluence of three major weather systems - causes excessive heat in the summer, but also colder,wetter and longer winter months – meaning longer and colder periods of snow and ice and a distinct chill in your home environment.

This energy-saving decorative super-matt wall paint insulates the walls & ceilings in your home,saving you money on energy bills year on year, every day 24/7 – helping keep homes cooler in the summer time and warmer in the winter.

It is also Super-Insulating & functions very effectively as an Anti-Condensation Paint

The average UK energy bill is currently in excess of £1000 per year* & our energy bills are set to increase well above inflation as we are all urged to reduce our energy requirements, & minimize our carbon footprint as carbon-offset measures & legislation such as the new Climate Change Levy come into full play.

Potential Savings –
insulating efficiency is normally expressed in R values, but this is more relevant to thick layers (ie foam, cavity wall insulations, etc) & the testing methods are not really appropriate to thin paint layers. The generally accepted efficiencies for insulating paints varies considerably, but are widely considered to lie in the range between 10-30%, so even at the lower end of these energy savings, this Insulating Wallpaint – given the average household energy bill of £1000+ will actually pay for itself in a very short timescale.

In addition, in the summer months, this insulating wallpaint will keep your home cooler & studies have shown reductions of between 5 – 8 degrees Celsius averaged over a 90 day period between coated & plain uncoated buildings.

But you don't need to take our word for it - You can try before you buy ! – ask for a free white Matchpot and our A5 sample Swatch & FEEL the difference between painted & unpainted walls (apply 2 medium coats & allow to dry thoroughly); also - place your hand on the supplied A5 Swatch & feel the warmth for yourself.

Easy to apply.
Ultra Matt finish. Recoatable with any wallpaint.
Coverage approx 50m2 per 5L/coat.

Please note: dark colours in this product are not ideally suited to areas of high traffic or where subject to marking (eg hallways, corridors).

Please Note: this product cannot be colour-matched.

* BBC & Powergen 17.8.06 et al.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

Download Data Sheet (PDF)

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