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Durable, super-breathable reinforced limewash. Ready-to-use in White & 372 premixed colours. Inherently resistant to fungal, algal & bacterial growth. All Limewash is super-matt, slightly chalky & uneven in appearance and, as this is a natural pigment, colour & tint strength can on occasion vary & this is a part of it's natural charm & character but, for perfect evenness, premix containers together to ensure continuity.

For all suitable POROUS Interior and Exterior walls - bare Plaster, Lime Plaster, Lime Render, Limewash, Cob, Stucco, Wattle & Daub, Breezeblock, concrete blocks, cement render, porous Stone & porous Brickwork etc. *if fillers are used they may show through slightly, but another coat will normally obliterate. Limewash “sets" on exposure to air & carbonates & hardens further over a period of several days.

Coverage depends on porosity of the substrate, but approx 15-30m2/5L/coat (minimum 2 coats).

NB: - All brands of Limewash are alkaline and can burn eyes & skin – irrigate thoroughly & wash off splashes with water immediately.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

Download Data Sheet (PDF) Please note - colours are approximate only and Limewash cannot be colour-matched.

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