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Eggshell Paint

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EGGSHELL WALLPAINT - super-washable; esp for kitchens/bathrooms. 180 shades

dries in 2-4 hrs but do not wet or scuff until fully cured after 10 days.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

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Smooth and delicious. Lakeland paint feels good enough to drink. We applied this over Dulux white eggshell . It went on beautifully, was a great colour match and didn’t stink out the kitchen- the last room in the house without Lakeland. My husband has COPD and is super sensitive to fumes and odours. Using Lakeland means i dont worry and he can help decorate. Lol.
Brilliant paint -easy to use and no nasty smells
Yes I would like to say. Very impressive I love how easilly they preform they are a pleasure to work with.And the finish is exceptional. Many Thanks. Susan Huber.
very good paint , a lovely colour
Beautiful paint
I love Lakeland paints, kind to the environment and to the people that use them. They are easy to apply and and clean, and they last well. Very good delivery time and I don't mind the extra expense for a good product.
Brilliant paint- I’ve ordered it many times as it’s so good and good for the environment
Very pleased with the bright red 'Signal' colour for my grandson's room and the subtle eggshell finish. However, although I used the pale grey base coat as recommended I soon realised that with a strong colour like this it needs two coats. I also should have taken more care of applying it very evenly with a smooth roller. My grandson is very happy with it.
Used this paint for a bathroom. My painter had never used it before and said it went on well, which is a bonus because it did not smell at all. I was concerned but will use it in my whole house now
Lovely paint which goes on beautifully and looks great in our bathroom alongside a feature wall of olive green. The white is soft with a hint of warmth which is great given the room is north facing. Just what I wanted and no headaches whilst the paint was going on. Lakeland paints are the only brand I have tried that don't give me a headache during application.
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