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Atmosphere Purifying Paint

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The amount of air pollutants in the home can be staggering. From aerosols, cleaning products and grooming products, to carpets, furnishing and paints – solvents and chemicals such as formaldehyde can hang in the air, potentially harming those inside. While you can open a window, those who live in a busy city are likely to be letting even more pollutants in. That is why you need an air purifying paint that is non-toxic, organic and 100% safe to use around your family.

Our air purifying paint uses Air-Pure technology to work as a molecular sieve, absorbing the air-borne pollutants that could make you ill by incorporate a silicate air filter into its formula. Based on a redecoration schedule of five years, this paint will continue to clean the air in your home all day with no maintenance necessary. Available in 180 colours and a coverage area of up to 60m2 per 5 litre/per coat, this air purifying paint is also excellent at absorbing smells caused by smoking.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product HERE:


I just love this paint! It is very easy to work with and does not cause me any negative reactions which traditional paints would cause me. It is also highly effective in absorbing odours and other nasties in the air and leaves rooms fresh and clean at all times. I would not be without it.
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