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Building Products
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Building Products – Non-Toxic, VOC Free

When you are building a structure or a wall, you often need to treat it with products keep it safe from weathering and waterlogging and ensuring it is resilient and reliable. With Lakeland, you can rely on our vast range of building products to not only do the job perfectly but also dry with a finish that you would expect from a high-quality product. What sets us apart from other building product manufacturers, however, is that all of ours are completely non-toxic and organic – 100% safe to use around thefamily.

Building Products That Are 100% VOC Free & Solvent Free

Lakeland paints offer a range of special products of superior quality to help you get the best finish available. Lakeland is the only range of totally solvent-free paints available anywhere in the world today and has been independently tested to reveal 0.000% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are a major cause of Sick Building Syndrome, Danish Painter's Syndrome, Asthma, Allergies, and many more similar conditions. Using Lakeland Paints means that rooms are safe and pleasant to live in, play in and sleep in during application, with no need to vacate at any time.