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Anti-Formaldehyde Radiator Paint | 5 Litres

Anti-formaldehyde Radiator Paint 5 litre

This is how the Air-Pure technology works

Conventional central heating radiators can offgas large amounts of formaldehyde* and can easily be the largest source of formaldehyde in the home!

The special silicate ingredients in ECOS AFR paint absorbs approx. 98-99% formaldehyde down to around 1ppm before it can offgas into your home or office environment.All air-pure products should be used promptly once opened. Available in matt white, this AFR base coat is best finished with ECOS Feng Shui if a coloured finish is required. This product must be used promptly once opened - within 2-3 weeks.

Coverage approx. l0M²/L per coat

Note - bare metal - prime with ECOS stainblock, bare cast iron or blast-cleaned metal - ask for advice.

- high temperature (electric storage or steam radiators) - ask for advice.

*formaldehyde is a carcinogen and causes birth defects.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

Download Data Sheet (PDF)

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