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clear + coloured varnish and stains

Wood Varnish – A Beautiful Natural, Eco-Friendly Finish For Wood Surfaces

A well-chosen wood varnish can really bring out the character of wooden surfaces such as floors, windowsills and doors. Lakeland is the only range of totally solvent-free varnishes and stains etc available anywhere in the world, today and has been independently tested to reveal a total content of 0.000% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). So whether you're looking for gloss paint for wood, satinwood paint, wood primer or wooden floor paint, we've got your covered.

Lakeland Wood Varnish – Free From Solvents & VOCs

VOCs are a major cause of unpleasant side effects that can make you feel ill over time, including Sick Building Syndrome and Asthma. Using Lakeland products means that, even when our wood varnish is drying, your home is safe and pleasant to live in, play in, sleep in, eat in & and there is no need to vacate at any time.