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Stabilising Solution

Stabilizing Solution For Internal & External Masonry Walls

Depending on the porosity of the masonry surface being painted, it will need to be treated with a substance that binds it together, reduces absorbency and provides a surface onto which a finishing paint can be applied. The more chalky and dusty the surface is, the more important it is to use our stabilizing solution as a pre-treatment - perfect for concrete, masonry, brickwork, mortar, render, plaster and more – both inside and outside.

Stabilising solution That Is Free From VOCs & Solvents

Unlike every other brand, Lakeland Paints' products are free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and solvents, and so can be applied freely without worrying about the possibility of fumes. This is especially important when it is being used indoors and around those who may be sensitive to chemicals or have asthma.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

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