Whats the best way to paint a room


2022-03-01 22:00

A Guide For Beginners

Many of us procrastinate the painting of rooms for weeks and months due to the sheer misery of having to protect the furniture and prepare the room for action.

Luckily, if you go about it the right way, it's actually a lot easier and straight-forward than you think. That's why we've put together a blog to show you the best way to paint a room in easy steps.

Prepare the room

To keep everything clean, you're going to need quite a few large bed sheets to cover anything that needs protecting including furniture, flooring and tiles. If you have the manoeuvrability available, you also have the option of simply moving the objects into another room.

Prepare the surface

If you have a newly built wall, there's no real need to follow this step. If, however, you are looking for the best way to paint a room in an older home, you may need to provide a little TLC. If you still have either some messy paint-marks or wallpaper on the wall, you can remove these using paint stripper or a steamer respectively. Once this is complete, find any holes in the wall from screws or nails, these must be filled and smoothened out with a spatula and a form of filler – we recommend Polyfilla. One dry, the filler must be sealed using Lakeland Filler-Sealer.

Mask the close-quarters

Those who are comfortable doing so can use masking tape to cover the areas near where you will be painting with a brush to prevent slippage ruining another surface. However, this can create issues later on unless you are an expert. The best method is to use a smaller brush for more delicate application whenever painting near skirting-boards, balustrades, dado rails, and plug sockets

Start the undercoat or primer

If necessary, begin 'cutting in' the primer so that the finishing layer looks the part. Begin at the edges with a small, accurate paint brush then use a roller to paint the rest of the wall. If you are using primer, then you need to apply 1 coat before it is ready for the finish coats - this enables you to provide the best finish.

Start the painting

The best way to paint a room to its final finish is exactly the same as with the primer. Once the primer has dried, use a paintbrush to start cutting in with your chosen finish paint at the wall's edges and any natural divides, then a good quality roller for the larger areas - always keeping a wet edge - do not stop unless at a natural divide like a corner, doorway or skirting etc.

Prepare for an unveiling

Wait for the final layer to dry - which can vary depending on brand – and begin to marvel at the excellent DIY project you've achieved.

At Lakeland Paints, we've been producing the world's first entirely natural paint for over 30 years from our factory in the Lune Valley. If you would like to know more about the different styles of paints and treatments as well as our 180 different colours, why not order some test-pots today?