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Eco Friendly Wall Primer

Wall Primer - Natural, Organic, Eco Friendly Paint Free From Solvents & VOCs

Finding a decent wall primer is the key to getting a great finish on your final coat of paint. Of course, with many paint ranges, whoever is living in the property may have to leave while it dries to prevent headaches and nausea. With Lakeland Paints undercoat paint for walls, however, you can carry on living at the property while it dries thanks to its 0% levels of solvents or volatile organic compounds – without worrying about your health.

Primer Paint For Walls - The Best Natural Option For a Great Finish

The benefits of our paint range do not stop there either, the manufacturing process of our wall primer is completely organic and environmentally friendly, allowing us to do our bit for the planet. So if you're looking for a high quality undercoat for walls that dries quickly, get in touch with us today.