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Nursery Paint: Pregnant & Baby Safe

Washable Wall Paint – Natural, Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic Paint For Babies

When you're choosing a washable wall paint for your nursery, you need to ensure that it is easy to maintain, easy to wash and resilient – not to mention safe. Our non toxic paint for babies and nurseries is not only organic and eco-friendly, but is even safe if ingested by a child. In fact, our washable wall paint surpasses the standards needed to gain certification within the EU under regulation EN71:3.

Non Toxic Paint For Babies - Free From Solvents & VOCs

Generally, paints that most people buy contain both solvents and volatile organic compounds which can often cause headaches, nausea and more. This can be an issue when it left to dry in an occupied house – and is especially worrying for parents for young children. Thankfully all Lakeland washable wall paints are free from solvents, so there are no fumes, and no unwanted smells.