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Eco Friendly Masonry Paint

Masonry Paint - Natural, Organic, Eco Friendly With No Smell or Fumes

If you are planning on decorating an internal or external masonry surface such as bricks or blocks, you need a paint that will adhere to the surface and maintain its finish for years to come. At Lakeland Paints, we produce the world's only eco-friendly interior and exterior masonry paint that is independently tested to prove a 0.000% presence of solvents or volatile organic compounds.

External Masonry Paint – Breathable Premium Paint Free From Toxins & Fumes

When you are painting a surface indoors or outdoors with standard paint, you may find yourself getting nauseous or dizzy. This is due to the presence of toxins that can affect the respiratory system and have detrimental effects – especially over a long period of time. This eco-friendly masonry paint, thankfully has no odour nor any chemicals that could be considered dangerous to your health. So why not contact us today?