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Eco Friendly Eggshell Microporous

Egg Shell Paint – Natural, Organic, Eco Friendly With No Smell or Fumes

If you're looking for an egg shell paint that allows your walls to breathe and prevent moisture build-up, here at Lakeland Paints we've got you covered. Our eggshell paint is not only organic, but is 100% free from the usual solvents and volatile organic compounds a consumer would usually find in other brands.

Eggshell Paint – Microporous & Free From Toxins & Solvents

We understand that while people are painting their home, the odour left in the air as it dries can cause headaches and nausea. By using paints from Lakeland, you can rest assured that you are able to continue living in your house as normal as it sets. So, if you're looking for a premium egg shell paint that you can trust – get in touch today.