VOCs, Solvents, Organic, Heavy Metals etc *

ASA/CAP inquiry 28/3/18 A17-396612

We are required by ASA/CAP to make this explanatory statement about our Zero VOC claims.

“Current science can easily detect VOCs even at the edge of space or in Antarctica, so any claims of VOC-free must be qualified; for Lakeland this means that we add No solvents, No VOCs, No glycols, and (if present at all) these are within the original raw materials and at a tiny fraction of the permissible EU/UK levels".

As far as we know, no other company worldwide can make this claim.

*If you would like copies of any of our independent certificates for VOCs, Solvents, Heavy metals (EN71/3/95) or Fire Retardancy, we are happy to supply them FOC on request.

Organic? - what do we mean by this = namely that all are Free of Pesticides, Free of Herbicides & Non-Toxic to the degree that the dried films are harmless if chewed & swallowed -- we also hold the .gov.uk registered IPO Trademark of Ecos Organic Paints.