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Standard Colour Chart | Hand Painted | 180 Colours

Our standard handpainted colour chart – 180 colours; real MATT paint. OR ASK FOR A FREE PRINTED CHART TOP OF THE PAGE.

nb. all other types of paint - gloss, satin, eggshell etc can look very slightly paler/darker due to differing reflectance under different lighting conditions - (gloss/sheen/mattness).
This is metamerism – and it affects all paint brands equally.

*Matchpots (nominal 50-65ml) and charts are supplied as a service for colour & product choosing only

£19.50     ex VAT


Paint calculator
Amount of product needed to complete: this calculator already takes into account the number of coats needed, coverage for each product is shown on Tech Help page.

Type of product

Number of Walls/Floors/Surfaces

Length (m)

Height (m)

Lakeland paint in use

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