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Matchpots - All Paint Types (White/Clear)

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A matchpot / testers of any product available in either white or clear. 50ml

*Matchpots (nominal 50-65ml) and charts are supplied as a service for colour & product choosing only and
are not sold as consumer products & are non-returnable.


Very impressed with this company who were helpful way beyond my expectations and their product is awsome. Good coverage, fast drying, NO SMELL!
Helpful customer advice, well packaged, delivered quickly and most important of all the product has no significant odour.
Absolutely superb! My wife has chronic Rhinitis & can’t tolerate any perfumes or odours so we thought we’d try LAKELAND PAINTS. She’s just painted all the woodwork in our bedroom & we slept there that night. Unbelievably she had no problems whatsoever!! RECOMMENDED!£
To be honest I didn’t believe the claim of ‘odourless’ paint. But I thought I’d give it a go. Guess what, it was totally, completely and utterly odourless. Perfect, hence my 5 stars.
Excellent service and product
I received tester pots for the matte shades; Mulberry, Zucchini, Black, White, Mariposa, Bel Air, Lagoon, Sunflower, Giaconda & Pavarotti. I got them to use for my creative eco art projects, the pigmentation is lovely, it is just what I was after, they are brilliant, and not only are they all non-toxic, but they are VEGAN! As an artist, it's always important to find good value products which are reliable, trustworthy and not harmful. Lakeland paints are fabulous! Next I will try tester pots for their varnishes (to use on craft pieces) I would highly recommend this brand for any vegan/eco-conscious artist out there looking for AFFORDABLE paints! :-)
Great to find small pots of eco friendly varnish; no odour and non toxic. And arrived the day after ordering! Will certainly be back for full size before long.
im so excited to be using these paints, as i have me and chronic fatigue, i have never come across anything better than these, i think the whole world should use them.
Really impressed with this paint, no VOC smell at all. Will be ordering bigger paint in future, for sure!
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