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Matchpots - All Colours (matt only)

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MATCHPOTS / TESTERS - 180 colours (matt only) + white.

*Matchpots (nominal 50-65ml) and charts are supplied as a service for colour & product choosing only and
are not sold as consumer products & are non-returnable.


I'm in the process of redecorating my entire house, and for over 20 years have only used eco paint. This time I tried another paint - Graphenstone- which sounded impressive, but I found it horrid to apply, so I have returned to Lakeland. I cannot fault either the paint or the service, I appreciate the ready communication and ease of accessing someone to speak to when necessary. The fact that I am building what seems like a shop of matchpots seems to be unavoidable!
Great green hue, excellent quality paint. Glad I got testers and tried the colour. Through the jar it looked almost white but on the wall it’s a nice gentle mint green; perfect for a neutral nursery or serene home office
Darker than I expected, so didn’t pick for my project but good quality paint
We liked the sound of this company. Our first time using them. Quick, efficient service and they were able to quickly answer technical questions on the phone.
We sent for a big tin of this. What they claim about the lack of smell is true. In addition the paint was really easy to use and the tin was easy to open and secure to refasten, quite an innovative design.
We'll definitely use the company again.
Matchpots arrived quickly, very efficient service, lovely colours, now to choose which one for the stairway!
Good to use paint that won't make ya feel faint.
Absolutely terrific paint, the opacity and colour saturation is superb, just a shame that my daughter changed her mind about the colour....
Friendly helpful customer service and swift delivery of matchpots, I was able to find the exact colour I required before making a purchase. I can recommend this company. Thank you.
I am so pleased with the quality of these paints. I have painted an old dresser base which I stripped back to bare wood. I have used primer, undercoat and satin gloss paint, the result is amazing. No odour. I don't know why I have been using other paints, now I have discovered Lakeland paints I shall only be using these. Great customer service as I needed advice before I started the dresser and Ian was great he provided information within a few hours of my email. All round a brilliant service and the best paint ever, thankyou.
I have found these to be really, really excellent paints - and the tiny pots are so useful as colour testers, or for painting small items. I stopped using normal shop paints as I couldn't stand the lingering smell - and am SOOOOO pleased and relieved to have discovered these!! The service from the Lakeland Team is excellent too - really helpful advice offered, and products dispatched at top speed!! Thank you so much!!
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