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Tarmac Restorer

5 litres of Tarmac Restorer

Quick Dry one coat tarmac restorer rejuvenator

Back to Black - Looks good as new

Non Tacky, solvent free, Highly UV resistant. For rejuventating old, tired or patched Tarmac and asphalt driveways, paths patios etc.


1 - Sweep the entire are clean and free of dirt, sand, mud, moss etc
2 - Allow 1 or more days after washing or rain before application can begin. Surface must be dry of excess moisture
3 - Apply at emperatures between5 and 25 C
4 - Stir well. Do not thin. Avoid aplication in stron direct sunlight
5 - Apply by medium or thick nap roller for rough surfaces, shorter nap roller for smooth surfaces or a high quality sprayer with an adjustable spray tip
6 - Apply one coat evenly - do not allow ponding - spread out any excess


Varies with porosity but lies in the range 15-25m per 5L can

Drying Time

Will vary depending on the surface and temperature. Touch dry in approx. 10-15 mins – ideally allow 2 hrs before driving or parking vehicle on the driveway/patio

Clean Up

Clean rollers and equipment with warm water

Health and Safety

Avoid contact with skin and eyes - wash off splashes with water. Keep out of reach of children
As with new laid tarmac - may have slightly more slip when wet until weathered

£40.55     ex VAT


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