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Paint Brushes and Rollers

Paint Brushes and Rollers From Lakeland Paints

A workman can only ever be as good as the tools he uses in his craft, and that's certainly true when it comes to choosing high-quality paint brushes for when you need that perfect finish in your home. Our paint brushes use long-lasting recycled synthetic bristles that should - with proper care and maintenance – last a lifetime.

Paint Brushes – Recycled, Synthetic & Long-Lasting

With many paint brushes, over time the bristles will start to fray, or be dragged out of the ferrule during the application of paint, leaving an unattractive, uneven surface. With Lakeland brushes, you never need to worry about such things. Even more impressive is the fineness and angle with which our paint brush bristles are cut, allowing you to cut in the borders and edges without the use of masking tape.